We meet with appropriate representatives of our client to gain a clear understanding of the culture of the organization, responsibilities and reporting relationships of the position to be filled, and professional skills and personal qualities required of the successful candidate. This information is then summarized in a written Position Specification, which serves as a guideline during candidate search and assessment activities.


All potential candidates are personally interviewed to evaluate their fit to our client's requirements. Where appropriate, preliminary referencing is conducted prior to bringing them forward as finalists.


You, the client, will make the final choice. We assist you by preparing written reports, including comprehensive reference checks and verification of academic and professional credentials, and arranging for your personal interviews with the finalists (usually three to five). Also, as appropriate, we can assist in compensation negotiations with the successful candidate.


Through the development of an extensive network of personal contacts and targeted organizations, individuals who appear to meet the position's requirements are discreetly contacted.


It is our practice to periodically contact the successful candidate after coming onboard to ensure a smooth transition. Also, we communicate regularly with our client to monitor the progress of their new hire.